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    This pro model Mitu MONTEIRO is a first time for F-ONE. He possesses a great understanding of wave kitesurfing and Surfing. He was completely involved in designing his own board line, while staying in tuned with F-Ones philosophy that boards should be high performance but also versatile. Mitu has always favored longer boards but the new compact outline with its round nose allows the board to be more compact while maintaining the stability of a longer one. While throwing freestyle tricks with a surf board, a shorter wider design with a little more floatation makes executing and landing tricks easier. This is why the boards are a little wider to give the rider a compact board that is shorter and more responsive, stable and accessible. The hull is shaped with a deep single concave all the way to the fins, this guarantees early planning and a smooth acceleration for freeriding or in surf. The concave also absorbs the chop while riding. A lot of work went into developing the New Camel deck : It lowers and stabilizes the heel of the surfer and lock its arch on a rounded center line. It improves stability, maneuverability and increases the rider's board control in any conditions. Mitu's board line is innovative and unique in the sense that it was designed for strapless kitesurfing from the nose to the tail. Mitu rides the same board on flat water, small onshore waves, extreme offshore conditions and just free surfing. He does it all on the same board on the challenging spots of his home island in cabo Verde at a level we can all only dream of. All the Mitu Monteiro Pro Models are in a tri fin setup to make the boards glide faster and to make them as light as possible for freestyle tricks. Full pads, FUTURES® fins, FUTURES® box, F-ONE surf straps (optional) Learn More

  2. Manera EXO Harness

    Manera EXO Harness

    The all new 2014 Manera EXO Harness is a complete innovation in harness design! After 2 years of development, thousands of hours on the water and collaborations with the Human Kinetics Science Laboratory, the F-One team is proud to introduce the next generation of Harness! Check out the full product video with all the details!! Learn More

  3. F-One Push Out Quick Release

    F-One Push Out Quick Release

    F-One Push Out Quick Release - Compatible with Bandit 3 through Bandit 7 ,Volt1/2 and Trust 1/2. Learn More

  4. Fone FISH Series Surfboard

    Fone FISH Series Surfboard

    Our FISH boards are high performance surf boards designed for light wind use. They're so good that they are able to generate apparent wind thanks to their sheer speed. Featuring straight rocker lines they can get on the plane very early while their rounded and compact outline offer them really good maneuverability in the surf. It is this successful shape combination that has made our FISH boards so popular for the past 4 years. Learn More

  5. Naish Digit Binding

    Naish Digit Binding

    The Digit was developed with simplicity in mind and features multiple angle options and lateral support. It is a proven design that is easy to use and comfortable for any size foot. Learn More

  6. Wainman Rabbit School Edition (SE)

    Wainman Rabbit School Edition (SE)

    Wainman Rabbit School Edition (SE). Priced the way it should so you can use in your school to teach students on good quality gear. Learn More

  7. Hyperflex Voodoo Wetsuit

    Hyperflex Voodoo Wetsuit

    Hyperflex’s new Voodoo HFZ brings major advancements in cold water wetsuit technology. Highlighting Voodoo is the introduction of AtomicFoam™ Super Stretch Neoprene, which we internally-lined with our new AQ6™ thermal fabric. Additionally, the Chest/Back/Hood is equipped with our new ReactorCore+™ insulation panels. Voodoo HFZ also benefits from our new Cocoon™ Entry Point & Closure System design. All seams are glued and blind stitched and sealed with our FusionWeld™ liquid tape. Simply put, Voodoo increases warmth without increasing thickness allowing you to surf lighter, longer, and warmer. Learn More

  8. F-one Surf Straps

    F-one Surf Straps

    F-One Surf Straps - Not Adjustable - Includes Hardware - Set of 2 Learn More

  9. F-one Bandit Bar - Complete Control Bar

    F-one Bandit Bar - Complete Control Bar

    F-One Complete Bar Set includes Monolith Bar, Leader Lines, Top Front Lines (x2), Bottom Front Line, Back Lines (x2), Swivel, 5th Line, Connector Depower Strap, Depower System, Clam Cleat, Chicken Loop, Safety Release, Finger, UPS, Kite Safety Leash, Handle Pass Loop, Floats. Learn More



    The Pro-tec Ace Water is known for its mass appeal for any watersport. Whether you're wakeboarding, kayaking or kiteboarding the Ace Water offers cutting edge style, performance and fit. Equipped with 16 open vent holes for ventilation and water drainage. High density injection molded shell with an Interior fit system which offers various head shapes and sizes. Ultra light protection and certified to CE EN 1385 water sports safety standard. Learn More

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