Kiteboarding Lessons

Kiteboarding lessons are non-refundable once purchased.  If you have a scheduled kiteboarding lesson date and time and you do not show up, you have forfeited your lesson and there will not be a refund issued.  Our instructors will be on time and at the location determined for your lessons and as such, they will be compensated for their time.  You must contact your instructor  at least 24hrs in advance to cancel or change your lesson time and date.

Release of Liability

Use of kiteboarding equipment requires safety training and kiteboarding is a dangerous sport. When purchasing any equipment and/or product from Cosmic Kites you assume all responsibility for any damage/injury that may result from using this equipment and/or product in any way. Cosmic Kites and its affiliate companies assumes no liability for the use of any equipment and/or products purchased, and by purchasing this equipment and/or product from us, you understand, acknowledge and accept this release of liability.