SOLOSHOT: The Personal Robotic Cameraman Zoom


SOLOSHOT: The Personal Robotic Cameraman

SOLOSHOT automatically rotates to keep your camera pointed at you, from a distance, with NO camera operator. Set up your SOLOSHOT tripod, attach your camera, and film all your outdoor exploits: WATER SPORTS, LAND SPORTS, SNOW SPORTS, MOTOR SPORTS, EQUESTRIAN

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SOLOSHOT works by keeping your camera pointed at an arm band you wear during your surf session. With 5+ hours of battery life and a 1500 ft range (half a kilometer), SOLOSHOT will follow you for your entire surf session so you can capture, relive and share all your waves and wipeouts. Pass the remote to your friend for a wave or two and they can share in the fun and the best part is no one has to stand on the beach holding a camera for three hours.
The remote is incredibly waterproof, robust, comfortable, and was designed for the harshest ocean environments.  SOLOSHOT comes with the standard camera mounting screw so it fits most cameras. SOLOSHOT also comes premounted to a professional tripod that can extend from 2 feet to over 5 ft.  Just hit the beach, setup the SOLOSHOT tripod, hit record with your camera, go through a pairing sequence (so your SOLOSHOT will only follows you during your session) and go surf stress free. When you finish your session the footage is right there for you to watch.

SECURITY: For those situations where there is no one around to lazily read a book while SOLOSHOT does all the work, SOLOSHOT has a built in security feature that allows your camera to be locked to SOLOSHOT. The Camera-SOLOSHOT-TriPod may also be locked to a small but permanant structure.
Additionally, SOLOSHOT shines a green light in the direction your camera is pointing so that when you see the green light you can rest assured that SOLOSHOT is there and pointing at you.
SOLOSHOT was developed by surfers for surfers but we know it will have many uses in the future. SOLOSHOT works best if you are between 100ft and 1500ft from the camera and the zoom so there is about 30ft on either side of you in the frame. Other than that, have fun, tell us about it and post your videos online!

SOLOSHOT has been in research & development for almost four years with more than 20 talented engineers, scientists, artists, designers and athletes helping along the way. We are excited to share SOLOSHOT with the world!
The innovative technology behind SOLOSHOT has 14 pending patents.


Soloshot Base

Rugged ABS enclosure
Security feature allows for locking camera to SOLOSHOT
Internal rechargable battery
6+ hour battery life
Standard 1/4"-20 camera mount screw
Works with most cameras, from camcorders to SLRs
Super bright LED can be seen from the water so you know SoloShot is still pointing at you (only visable in a narrow band)
Soloshot Remote
Up to 1500 foot range
Extremely durable
Extremely waterproof in both saltwater and freshwater (No cases to open or close. No battery to take out and charge. Just legit waterproofing you would expect for electronics designed for the ocean)
Internal rechargeable battery
6+ hour battery life
Soloshot Armband
Fits most armsizes
Made of non-corrosive nylon
Professional Tripod
5 feet tall at full extension
3 collasable legs
Collapses down to 2ft
Wide stance option for windy days
SOLOSHOT comes atatched but can be removed if you want to use your own tripod. Please note SOLOSHOT works best with the tripod provided or a similarly sturdy professional tripod with no other pan/tilt head attached
Wall Charger
Fits US outlets
Works with international outlets up to 220V with standard adaptor (adaptor not included)
9V 1.5A
FCC Part 15B compliant
UL certified

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