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    This bar is by far the lightest bar on the market. As the innovators and most experienced manufacturer of carbon kite boards we’ve used all our innovation and experience to use this, exceptionally light and stable material, in the manufacture of a new bar system. The SENSOR PRO bar is a result of three years development and while basically the same as our SENSOR 2 bar it differs significantly in the choice of materials. (Carbon, Tectanium® Lines 52cm/24m,22M,20M,18M) Learn More

  2. 2015 HQ MATRIXX II Snow Kite

    2015 HQ MATRIXX II Snow Kite

    For the new Matrixx II, our design took an in-depth look and took on the latest knowledge of paragliding designs. With almost the same AR, we were able to increase the performance of the kite in every aspect. This is not only due to the new kite design, but also the performance has improved due to the new super light 20D fabric. Learn More

  3. 2015 HQ IGNITION SLE Kitesurfing Kite

    2015 HQ IGNITION SLE Kitesurfing Kite

    The Goal of the Ignition was to create a kite that focused on ease of use, yet had loads of performance. You can have the highest performing kite in the world, but if it isn’t forgiving in gusts, easy to relaunch, and doesn’t have useable depower, the performance amounts to nothing. Let’s face it, Most of us don’t live in a place that blows consistently the same speed everyday, with perfectly flat water and no current. Learn More

  4. RRD Obsession MKVII 2015 Kite

    RRD Obsession MKVII 2015 Kite

    The Obsession is an exciting performance driven machine. This kite exceles at the freestyle dicipline but is user friendly and easy enought for the novice to use. It's a kite that will grow with you as you become a more compitent kiter. The Obsession is by far our number #1 seller because of its versatility and solid performance. It is known for its low end power, making it a perfect kite for lighter areas. It's relaunch is fantastic keeping it off the water and in the sky. This leads to more progressive sessions and may keep out of a sticky situation. If you are getting into kiteboarding to get some air, look no further then the 2015 RRD Obsession. This thing jumps huge! Not only does it boost big, but it has an awesome amount of hangtime. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as soaring above the water. Learn More

  5. 2014 HQ Montana 8 (VIII) Snowkite

    2014 HQ Montana 8 (VIII) Snowkite

    Performance requires precision in design. The 8th generation Montana is a totally new kite. Two years of intensive work from our R&D team has resulted in a completely changed shape. A lower AR and C-Kite like shape give added stability to the kite without compromising the performance and light wind ability of the older Montanas. The clean design was chosen to reduce tolerances in production to a minimum. Learn More

  6. 2014/2015 Naish Trip Travel Freeride Wave Kite 10m

    2014/2015 Naish Trip Travel Freeride Wave Kite 10m

    The Trip is an innovative, no strut design that can be summarized in one word – simplicity. It is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders who want one compact kite for travelling, freeriding, wave riding and snow kiting. The Trip packs up 30% smaller than a kite with struts. This no-strut design has incredible low-end power and excellent bar feel for effortless jumping, wave riding, and cruising. Learn More

  7. 2014/2015 Naish Ride Edition 2 Kitesurfing Kite

    2014/2015 Naish Ride Edition 2 Kitesurfing Kite

    The Ride is for everyday kiteboarders looking for ease and simplicity. The lightweight, two-strut design provides superior low end performance due to its fuller center section, as well as faster inflation and smaller packing for easy transport. The Ride has rounded wing tips, which allow the kite to rotate with less drag while resting on the water. This makes for extremely easy water relaunching characteristics. It also has a slightly flatter arc compared to other kites, which gives it more punch when sheeting in and provides that nice sheet-in and go feel and easy jumping. Learn More

  8. HQ Hydra II Trainer Kite (300, 350 & 420)

    HQ Hydra II Trainer Kite (300, 350 & 420)

    HQ Power Kites proudly introduced the HQ Hydra model in 2009, the world`s first and only water re-launchable, foil trainer kite. Now the Hydra II is here with a new vent system, reduced bridle, and redesigned cell structure for increased performance. The HQ Hydra II 420 trainer kite lets you accomplish something no other trainer kite has ever done before. It lets you train, body drag, and do kiteboarding in every environment including in the WATER. The Hydra 420 is the largest model in the lineup and will generate massive power in ways other open-cell trainer kites will never do. The Hydra 420 trainer kite is extremely stable and easy to fly even with its ability to generate lots of power. Its closed cell ram–air foil architecture has no bladders to inflate or replace and yet it floats on water as if it was inflated. The HQ Hydra II 420 Closed Cell system now features an internal drainage system with dirt-outs so you can remove debris. The Hydra’s reduced bridle is stitched Dyneema for added strength. Learn More

  9. 2014/2015 Naish Fly (Light Wind Freeride)

    2014/2015 Naish Fly (Light Wind Freeride)

    The Fly is an exceptionally lightweight, freeride kite designed specifically to provide a smooth yet powerful ride in light to marginal wind conditions. Learn More

  10. 2014 CORE RIOT XR3 & XR3 LW (Light Wind)

    2014 CORE RIOT XR3 & XR3 LW (Light Wind)

    The new generation of the crossride kite has even more hang time, power and agility for waves. Comfort and safety are, as always, of the highest standard. Learn More

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