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Wainman Rabbit Gang 2.0 Kitesurfing Kites

Wainman Hawaii Rabbit Gang 2.0 series kites are a 2nd edition of the world-renowned Rabbit Gang 1.0 series kites. The flagship product of Wainman Hawaii is characterized with a low-aspect performance canopy shape, providing amazing power delivery, re-launch, depower abilities and range. The compact bridles are easily tunable to suit all riders riding styles/disciplines and experience.

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Information About The Wainman Hawaii Bunny Kite 5m

You remember that kid that was shorter than a chair last time you saw him?

Guess what? Now that kid is flying way above everybody. He happens to be the absolute superhero. People have already started to say it is better to know him than not.

The 2012 Wainman Hawaii5m Bunny Kite is small in stature but huge in power and maneuverability, you need him in your quiver if you want to ride when the wind is nuking. Yeah, the wind is whipping and all the big dogs are beached, the Bunny is out eating up gusts, cause that’s how he rolls.

With his stability and responsiveness, this member of the Rabbit Gang is a wave rider’s dream in strong winds and is the absolute must have for all small riders.


Information About The Wainman Hawaii Gypsy Kite 6.25m

Some guys are just classics. The Gypsy has been in The Gang since the day one. The trigger man.

Cause when the wind is firing, you ask yourself this question: Who am I taking on the job with me? When the situation is special, conditions are really hard, and there is only one open seat, the choice has to be wise. A good boss will say - "Get me the Gypsy". A good decision.

The Wainman Hawaii Gypsy is a 6,25 meter kite made to serve experienced riders in strong winds and rougher water conditions. It is also a very stable and intuitive kite with a great low-end range, which makes it a great choice for lighter riders in moderate winds.


Information About The Wainman Hawaii Mr. Green Kite 7.5m

Many think they have known him for a long time. That natural power and good vibe... Indeed there is something that makes him seem like a great older brother, and although he is new to The Gang, only Gypsy`s mother knows how it really went...

The Wainman Hawaii7.5m Mr. Green Kite is definitely one of a kind. The natural gentleness mixed with his nuclear potential makes all enemies scared of asking the wrong questions. The best action belongs to him and he doesn't need any help to win the game. He`s got all the magic. And dont be frightened, because with this green gentleman, all endings are happy.

Mr Green - the 7.5m Rabbit that will please every rider. No matter what the skill level or riding style. It is a must for windy days!


Information About The Wainman Hawaii Smoke Kite 9m

With The Smoke, life is never boring, that is a fact.

With this dude by your side, every day brings action and excitement. From his look this guy may seem to be a very proper and calm character, but dont let him fool you... ...

The Wainman Hawaii9m Smoke Kite has already proven that he is the unquestionable number one, the undefeated world champion of all weight classes, with many titles around his neck and thousands of faithful, almost addicted, friends around the Globe.

The 9m Smoke is an absolute must for every rider's quiver. Its wide range covers all those windy days when you are just dying to ride and its versatile skills make it an all in one kite for every rider.


Information About The Wainman Hawaii Punch Kite 10.5m

Most gangs like to associate with famous boxers, but before being admitted to The Rabbit Gang,

The Wainman Hawaii10.5m Punch Kite had to walk a path through the hardest fight club on the planet. He didn't fail. Not a single fight. He didn't lose, not even once. Nor did he let down his crew. And so, despite his overlapping skills with the main Gang players, he was fully accepted by The Boss and offered a job. And the good old Smoke is simply happy to have a bigger buddy he can always rely on and hang out with...

The Punch, a 10,5 m gangster, the biggest of the "V" Rabbits that ever existed. A super powerful yet still very responsive and fun kite that will send you out of the ring...


Information About The Wainman Hawaii Boss Kite 12m

Glamour and fame dont come to you just like that. You have to earn your place as the world famous Rabbit Gang Boss, and this guy surely did.

Commanding in the best conditions on warm sunny days is his favorite activity. Because of his capo status he tends to leave the craziest action to his smaller gangsters, but do not underestimate his ability.

The Wainman Hawaii12m Boss Kite still handles furious days with deadly precision, calm, and style. The Boss bows to no one...

The Boss - a 12m Rabbit -should always be first choice for larger riders and is the absolute must to have in their quivers. For all others it is a great kite to have in order to really enjoy the good life on light wind days. The Big Guy who shares the joy with everybody...


Information About The Wainman Hawaii Big Mama Kite 14.5m

Many say that women rule the World. And while this debate will be one for the ages, in The Rabbit Gang there are days that only a girl knows what to do.

The Wainman Hawaii14.5m Big Mama, the Boss' favorite girl. She didn't get her name because of her figure, as this lady has curves in all the right shapes and proportions, rather, because of her unparalleled ability to handle the tough situations with skill and dexterity. Though he may not admit it publicly, there are occasions that theBoss can not handle the job himself. But behind every good man is a good woman. And these jobs are the ones she handles so well. This is her kind of action...

Big Mama has perfected her charming style. She loops enemies around her fingers.

Complete Kite Comes With:

  • Kite
  • Carrot Bar / Lines
  • Bag
  • Kite Bag
  • Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Set Of WH Stickers

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