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Stand Up Paddle

We offer all types of Stand Up Paddle Boards. If you email us: and provide us your body weight, height, skill level and price point we can put together an excellent SUP package for you. We offer many brands of Stand up paddle boards: SUP ATX, Fanatic, WatersEdge, SimSup. Just email us and we will respond quickly

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  1. The Mule Surfboard and SUP Transport System Sale

    The Mule Surfboard and SUP Transport System

    MULE TRANSPORT PRODUCTS have engineered a method, using cloth, which attaches wheels to any size surfboard and SUP. Your shortboard, longboard, and SUP, becomes a trailer which allows you to walk or pull it behind your bicycle. The STS MULE is a new and unique way to transport your board(s) and ALL your gear to the break or waters edge in one effortless trip. Learn More

    Regular Price: $135.00

    Special Price $128.99

  2. Watersedge SUP EZ Rider, 9' - 11' Sale

    Watersedge SUP EZ Rider, 9' - 11'

    The EZ Rider is the most stable board in the WatersEdge line. It features a flatter, stretched out deck and full rails to provide more volume for maximum stability. It has a single to double concave on the bottom for easy, all day paddling. Whether in the surf, on the river or just paddling around, this board works harder than the rider. It’s one piece pad also makes this the perfect board for yoga! Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,499.00

    Special Price $1,295.00

  3. SUP ATX Paddleboard | Model: Scout | Length: 10'6" | Color: Blue | FREE PADDLE Sale

    SUP ATX Paddleboard | Model: Scout | Length: 10'6" | Color: Blue | FREE PADDLE

    The SUP ATX Scout model is the perfect all-around board with a clean no-frills design built for performance and style. Super stable, efficient fast glide in flat water. A shredder in surf with its tri-fin configuration. Included is an Integrated handle for easy carrying and a rugged, yet soft EVA memory foam deck pad that will keep your feet comfortable for hours! Enjoy the performance and quality of boards costing significantly more at an affordable price. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,425.00

    Special Price $885.00



    Our modified water bottle cage mounts quickly and securely, anywhere on your board using our Surface Mount Insert Plates. Includes two mounting bolts. Learn More

  5. SUP Rail Guards

    SUP Rail Guards

    Paddle Guards can be added to any board rail to protect the board from the common problem of paddle dings. NSI Rail Guards are now made with high density, abrasion resistant Clear Grip material. The Clear Grip material offers extended product life, super smooth water release and rail chip protection in a clear material strip. Easy Peel & Stick installation. Set of Two. 2" wide x 69" in length Learn More

  6. SUP Locking Roof Rack

    SUP Locking Roof Rack

    The ultimate Kayak, Canoe and SUP rack – and it locks too. Versatility is this racks middle name supporting Kayak, Canoes, Wind/Paddle/Sail/SUP/Long and short boards. - Universal Mounting System mounts to square, round, and most factory crossbars - Floating strap system for easy loading - Ratcheting mechanism for secure tightening - Rubber coated stainless steel cable strap - Includes keys & locks - INA445 does not come with board pads Learn More



    Inflatable life jacket inflates manually by pulling the inflation handle or by oral inflation. Belt pack allows for total freedom of movement, comfort, safety and peace of mind when, paddling, sailing, recreational boating and fishing. Zippered pocket for convenient storage of keys, cell phone, license, etc. 2 models available, standard (black) and SUP specific (gray). SUP model has a padded, wider belt. Learn More



    NSI’s Adjustable SUP leash is designed specifically for racing boards in the 12’6” to 14’range. The leash is a unique combination of flat and tubular webbing, along with internal bungee cord. These softer materials, prevents dings and dents to your board. The leash is worn above the calf and has a simple SuperLoc buckle that can be easily adjusted to your paddling stance, which eliminates drag by keeping the leash out of the water. Ideal for flat water and open ocean boards. This unique leash provides freedom of movement and easily attaches to most board leash plugs. Learn More

  9. Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons (SUP)

    Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons (SUP)

    By now you must have heard about Stand up paddling (SUP). Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great core work out, very relaxing and tons of fun. We teach you in flat water to get the basics down and start to learn how to move the board around, build strength and stamina and create a comfortable awareness and safety on the water. Learn More

  10. F-One SUP MATIRA Inflatable SUP

    F-One SUP MATIRA Inflatable SUP

    After more than 4 years of development, we are very happy to present the F-ONE STAND UP PADDLE range. Our objective is to offer high end and innovative products that are on par with the other F-One products such as our Delta kites, Twin-Tips and Bamboo Surfboards. Short but stable boards, our SUP range and shapes are geared toward the largest number of riders. This sport evolves constantly, our current shapes are what’s best on the market today and will evolve with the sport. The stand-up paddle board and a paddle that offer infinite possibilities for recreational use , competition , flat water , waves , ocean or river. We design our shapes with the goal to match this sports diversity . Supported by a team of experienced watermen , Ludovic Dulou , Remi Quiique , and Patrice Chanzy , we shape our boards so that they are perfect fit for your needs Learn More

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