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  1. Fanatic Fly Carbon SUP

    Fanatic Fly Carbon SUP

    3 all-new sizes replace the 2012 race-winning designs after an extensive R&D process born of our unique CAD-engineered shaping and flow technology. Learn More

  2. F-One SUP ANAKAO Series (hollow fast waves)

    F-One SUP ANAKAO Series (hollow fast waves)

    The Anakao is shaped for hollow and quick waves.Thanks to an outline pinched at the nose and its tail, and a rounded rocker, the board does not lock itself and allows to stay into the wave face.Its volume distribution is reduced at its nose and tail and provides an ideal balance with lower rails to be more engaging.With its width it has enough gliding ability to facilitate radical take-off and remains powerful in marginal conditions. Its rocker on the nose and the thin rails makes it effective and surprising in the passage of white water. With a length of 9" only, carrying and doing check-in at airlines is easier. Learn More

  3. Fanatic AllWave SUP

    Fanatic AllWave SUP

    There’s nothing better for maximizing surf time than a CAD-formed precision SUP shape. Two all-new sizes, an 8’6” and a 9’10” have been added at each end of the spectrum with 8’6’’ / 8’10’’ / 9’2’’ / 9’6’’ and 9’10’’ now available – all with a focus on easy paddling and wave-catching ability. Easy riding at its best. For 2012 the AllWave range features 5 compact surfing shapes to suit all sizes of rider. The wider outline’s ideal for first timers, but a true surf-style scoop rocker, planted stance and nose kick will satisfy advanced riders in eitherr heavy or mellow conditions. Available in High Resistance Skin (HRS) with 2+1 TriFin cluster (US center box and Futures sidebites) and performance GFK fins. Learn More

  4. F One SUP MANAWA (all around surf)

    F One SUP MANAWA (all around surf)

    The MANAWA is shaped for all around surf. The range of sizes allows for all different sized riders with varying abilities. The Manawa is excellent for small shore break or large Jaws style waves. Choose your board style based on your body weight and/or ability. Learn More

  5. F-One SUP MADEIRO (waves up to 5')

    F-One SUP MADEIRO (waves up to 5')

    Designed for acceleration and maneuvers on small waves up to 5 ft, this high-level boards developed with Remi Quique, offers the closest sensations from a shortboard. All the volume distribution has been optimized to achieve stability and efficiency with the minimum length and width possible. The new beveled rail shape is a significant innovation which allows for the finesse control of a surfboard rail on a Strand Up Paddle. SUP board. Learn More

  6. F-One SUP MATIRA Inflatable SUP

    F-One SUP MATIRA Inflatable SUP

    After more than 4 years of development, we are very happy to present the F-ONE STAND UP PADDLE range. Our objective is to offer high end and innovative products that are on par with the other F-One products such as our Delta kites, Twin-Tips and Bamboo Surfboards. Short but stable boards, our SUP range and shapes are geared toward the largest number of riders. This sport evolves constantly, our current shapes are what’s best on the market today and will evolve with the sport. The stand-up paddle board and a paddle that offer infinite possibilities for recreational use , competition , flat water , waves , ocean or river. We design our shapes with the goal to match this sports diversity . Supported by a team of experienced watermen , Ludovic Dulou , Remi Quiique , and Patrice Chanzy , we shape our boards so that they are perfect fit for your needs Learn More

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