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    The all new 2009/2010 Hyperflex 4/3mm fullsuit offers warmth, flexibilty, performance and value. You will be hard pressed to find another 4/3mm fullsuit in this price range that offers features such as 100% stretch construction, spot taping for extra reinforcement at high stress points, YKK Metal zipper heads, glued and double blind-stitched seams and chill breaker mesh skin chest and back panels. Simply put, this is the best value for a 100% stretch wetsuit on the rack. Learn More

  2. Hyperflex 1.5MM 50/50 SHIRT

    Hyperflex 1.5MM 50/50 SHIRT

    The Hyperflex 50/50 shirt is constructed of 50% mesh skin neoprene and 50% UV Lycra rash guard material. The 1.5mm mesh skin neoprene chest and back panels block wind chill, maintains core body temperature and provides extra rash and harness protection. The Lycra arms, underarms and side panels offer unrestricted flexibility and pullover no-zip design works well with all types of boardshorts and harnesses. Perfect for warm water riding or a travel top for the tropics. Learn More

  3. HyperFlex Amp SPLIT TOE SURF BOOT (3 or 5mm)

    HyperFlex Amp SPLIT TOE SURF BOOT (3 or 5mm)

    The Amp Split Toe boot is a high performance surf boot made by Hyperflex Wetsuits. As with all Hyperflex products, this boot is a perfect combination of performance and price. Learn More

  4. HyperFlex Amp ROUND TOE SURF BOOT (3, 5 or 7mm)

    HyperFlex Amp ROUND TOE SURF BOOT (3, 5 or 7mm)

    The AMP boot is a high-performing and feature rich surf boot. Building on over a decade of success, the AMP boot design has stood the test of time. This didn’t stop us improving it yet again. The fit and finish is better than ever, and we gave it features that keep you warmer, more comfortable, and surfing as though you were barefoot. If you want the best, go with the AMP boot Learn More

  5. HyperFlex MESH SKIN GLOVE (3 or 5mm)

    HyperFlex MESH SKIN GLOVE (3 or 5mm)

    The Hyperflex Mesh Skin glove is an extremely warm sealed seam glove. The mesh skin rubber exterior acts as a barrier and the outside of the glove repells water. It features a skin rubber exterior and nylon interior. Waterproof glued and blindstiched seams, pre-curved for less hand fatigue. Easily, one of the warmest gloves on the market. Learn More

  6. HyperFlex 3MM SOLAR CAP

    HyperFlex 3MM SOLAR CAP

    This 3mm cap is a great product that will keep your head warm on days when there is a chill in the air and the water is still not super warm. Learn More

  7. Hyperflex Voodoo Wetsuit

    Hyperflex Voodoo Wetsuit

    Hyperflex’s new Voodoo HFZ brings major advancements in cold water wetsuit technology. Highlighting Voodoo is the introduction of AtomicFoam™ Super Stretch Neoprene, which we internally-lined with our new AQ6™ thermal fabric. Additionally, the Chest/Back/Hood is equipped with our new ReactorCore+™ insulation panels. Voodoo HFZ also benefits from our new Cocoon™ Entry Point & Closure System design. All seams are glued and blind stitched and sealed with our FusionWeld™ liquid tape. Simply put, Voodoo increases warmth without increasing thickness allowing you to surf lighter, longer, and warmer. Learn More

  8. Underwave Sultan Quick Dry Shirt

    Underwave Sultan Quick Dry Shirt

    This dry shirt will keep you warmer and more comfortable than any other performance shirt available. Nano-technology allows sweat to migrate through the material while keeping out most precipitation on cold or wet days. This gear allows you to keep your mind off your gear and your head in the game. You simply must see this product in action to fully appreciate its properties. On top of your wetsuit or just to protect against the sun, it will also keep you warm. You can also wear it to hang out on the beach as it is a non fitted shirt (usually the case with a rash guard). Learn More



    When worn in dry mode the Heat is 100% dry and breathable. Between sessions, on your way to the beach or after your time on the water you can then open the dry zip and doff the neck seal. With the outer jacket then zipped up the Soul offers a well ventilated jacket and pants to protect you from the wind and rain. Converting from standby mode to full dry mode can be easily accomplished all while wearing your PFD. Learn More

  10. HyperFlex Playa HZ (Harness Zip) NeoPrene Jacket

    HyperFlex Playa HZ (Harness Zip) NeoPrene Jacket

    Hyperflex “PLAYA” The Playa HZ (HARNESS ZIP) is a 2mm Neoprene jacket. As the name “Playa” (Beach) suggests, these are meant for after/before water use. The Playa HZ features a new mini front zipper that can be used with your spreader bar hook. Now you can wear the Playa over your harness while teaching kiteboarding/windsurfing or even while riding for extra warmth. Learn More

Items 31 to 40 of 41 total

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